What We Do

Fridge of Goodies is a unique subscription service that delivers your office with a gorgeous retro mini-fridge that we re-stock with goodies every couple of weeks. We help keep your employees healthy, happy and feeling appreciated with a unique perk!

  • Choose a selection of goodies that are intended to keep employees healthy

  • You choose our healthy or happy option and we customise the selection

  • You select your preferred options and we deliver to you every 2 weeks.

  • Need an add-on? No problem, we can provide a top-up within 48 hours

We Specialise in Delicious Goodness

  • Randy Kaplan

    I wanted to give back to our employees in a way that they'd appreciate and that wouldn't eat into a huge amount of our time. This type of subscription delivery service keeps employees guessing with variety and is great for morale.

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We're ready to start organising goodies for you and keeping your employees happy!


Docklands Innovation Park, 128-130 East Wall Road, Dublin 3 Ireland

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